If I had a pound for every time a female client apologised for her sweating, I would be rolling pretty deep.

This idea that women should remain sweat-free is steeped in misogyny.

Society as a whole is made up of huge conglomerates spearheaded by white men who dictate what a woman should look like through the use of mass media - I’m talking TV shows, magazines, films, marketing for ad campaigns… you get the gist.

According to what we see in mainstream media, women should be:

Free of body hair

But have full head of long, shiny luscious locks

No cellulite

Or stretch marks

Have clear, fair skin

But not too fair, look like you have spent approx. 20mins on the French Riviera


But not muscular


But have curves in “all the right places”

And to achieve this physique, one should be “active” but not so active that you sweat.

Why? Women sweating, according to the male-dominated societal gaze, is either deemed "sexualized" if you happen to be a thin-bodied female or "unsightly" if you happen to be a larger-bodied female… Neither of which is seen as socially acceptable so us women need to either stop sweating or sweat where we can’t be seen.

(Notice how the onus is on women to stop sweating rather than society change it’s perspective on women sweating…)

How do we change this?

One bead of sweat at a time.

Sweat is your body’s AC cooling unit - without it, you would die.

And if the female population were to be wiped out because of a lack of sweating, human race as we know it would be wiped out in its entirety... therefore, we should be thanked for our sweating!

So next time you feel ashamed or embarrassed by your sweat marks just know that without your perspiration, humans would no longer be walking on this planet!