Long time, no speak...

Oh hey, how are you? I know... it's been a while.


Big things have been happening because big things need to change and the idea that reverting back to typical fitness content seems so, so irrelevant.

That said, have you noticed that the drum of the #BLM movement might have quietened down on our social feeds? I had; I noticed I was seeing less content around the movement on my screen.

But rather than think that all is fine and dandy in the world, I had to question myself; why am I seeing less news about such an important and long overdue change?

Because I'm not putting in the effort to find and diversify my feed.

The onus is on me to make changes.

The Fitness Industry is one of many industries that does not promote diversity - ever notice how fitness professionals tend to look the same?

White, slim, over-sexualised, able bodied... I could go on but you get my drift.

And that is a real disservice to those who work in this industry - those that promote movement and exercise for E V E R Y O N E, not just those that fit the #Fitspo archetype.

My point? If you are finding that your social feeds are back to "business as usual" and those that you follow are back to their "booty burning" workouts in an attempt to get "bikini body ready" then diversify your feed... because there's a whole fitness world out there and it's pretty epic.