Often - read; very often - the Fitness Industry comes out with these slogans that are masked as “fitness motivation” whereas, in realty, they are simply guilt trips to get you to shell out your hard earned money by playing on your insecurities.

These can come in a variety of ways but here are a few examples to keep your eye out for;

- “Sweat is fat crying”; it’s not, actually. Sweat is **not** fat crying. It is a very normal and necessary bodily function to keep us alive. Fat doesn’t need to cry… in fact, nobody needs to be crying and most certainly not in the gym!

- “I’m wearing all black because when I go to the gym it is my fat’s funeral”; talk about morbid! And why have we gotta kill your fat? We need fat...WE. NEED. FAT. We wouldn't be here if we didn’t have any fat… and don’t let Shredded Sally tell you otherwise! And definitely don’t kill yourself trying to kill your fat.

- “No pain no gain’; Listen, if you feel pain when you’re in the gym - that sharp shooting pain - just stop. Stop what you’re doing because that is not normal - pain is your body telling you that it doesn’t like the move you’re doing and it wants you to stop. Please, don’t let anybody make you feel like some weak human because you didn’t push through the pain. If you feel pain, stop what you’re doing...immediately.

(No suffering needed, just FYI.)

- “Pain is weakness leaving the body”; it’s not, please revert to the previous example.

- “There is no such thing as a bad workout”; oh, let me tell you, there is… I have personally had loads! Those rubbish ones where there’s too many people in the gym, you're bored of what you’re doing, you’re exhausted and need a rest, you’ve had a bad day and you just want to go home and cry or you just don’t bloody feel like it! So, yes, there is such a thing as a bad workout and that’s ok.

- “Getting bikini body ready” / “Getting in shape for summer”; listen, we don’t emerge from the winter months transitioning from a caterpillar into a butterfly. That’s not how it works. We don’t need to transform for summer or drastically change our bodies in order to become deserving of putting on a two piece bikini. Every. Body. Is. Bikini. Body. Ready. I just think this needs to be reiterated every time summer comes back around.

These are just a handful of examples of the Fitness Industry & Diet Culture playing on our insecurities to try and make us feel less than worthy in order to take advantage of our confidence (and our wallets).

Don’t be fooled people!