5 Things You're Not Missing From Being In The Gym

I know we’re all really sad that we can’t go to the gym at the moment… it’s a *really* sad time.


I feel like there are a couple of things that we’re probably not missing from the gym;

Unnecessary grunting; No one needs to hear what it would sound like if men ever gave birth… just imagine if they did actually have to go through delivery!

Equipment hogging; All gyms have at least one of them; that person who is scrolling through The Gram whilst monopolising the most lucrative pieces of equipment in the gym. How can one person claim to use the squat rack, the bench press and the leg press at the same time?!

Fitspos; I’ve had firsthand experience with this type of human in the gym but whoever thought that the #PostWorkoutSelfie would become such a hot commodity? If you have ever seen someone attempt to have this photo taken out in the wild (aka the gym floor) it is one of the most awkward and cringe-worthy situations you may ever find yourself in - I pray you never fall victim to this situation.

Perving; One of my biggest pet peeves of the gym floor; when did women exercising become a segway into giving men the audacity to hit on women or, potentially worse, leer at women!? For reasons unbeknownst to me, the idea that men feel it is acceptable to make women uncomfortable on the gym floor is not only baffling but blood boiling.

Other people’s sweat; Given our current heightened awareness of cleanliness and hygiene at this time, I’m hoping this is a thing of the past but in case it is not...WIPE. UP. YOUR. SWEAT. Just do it. You know you’re sweating - in fact, we’re all sweating! - so get a towel or bring your own and wipe that up. No one wants to be lying in a pool of your sweat; this is not Animal Planet and that is not attractive.

So, whilst we may not be hitting up the gym floor anytime soon, given all of the above, I'm not too mad at social distancing!