Hi, I'm Laura!

I'm on a mission to cut through Diet Culture and ensure that everyone and anyone feels entitled to exercise.

You'll see that around here, we do things differently...
We don't focus on weight-loss.
We don't focus on physical changes.
We work to debunk Diet Culture lies.
And strive to become stronger, mentally & physically.

Why Work With Me?

Many of us have never felt entitled to exercise and movement; thanks to intimidating gym environments, lack of representation within the fitness industry or not feeling able to ask “how the heck do I use this piece of machinery?!” 

My ethos is to empower and arm us with what will make us both physically and mentally strong, regardless of shape or size… and if you've seen me on Instagram or TikTok, then you’ll already know that we cannot judge one’s health or strength by their body size!

Whether you're working with me on a 121 basis or taking up a course to get you started, I'll introduce you to the principles of movement. As a Personal Trainer and as a Functional Mobility Specialist, I believe in the power of movement and the amazing uniqueness and ability of our bodies. Therefore it was incredibly important to me to incorporate mobility into our strength training.

By reading this you have already started the journey toward your strong self. The foundational moves & principles you’ll learn with me will aid you throughout your exercise journey and beyond! 

To work with me, email me at: laura.ghiacy@gmail.com

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